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Level 1 -The Aluminum Industry & The North American Market

Designed for any executive that wants to better understand the workings of the aluminum industry and its supply chain, get the latest intelligence on the current state of the supply chain, and expand his decision making toolbox.

Tom Leary

1. The Aluminum Industry Supply Chain and its Workings

Tom Leary, Vice President Aluminum Market Intelligence & Consulting, HARBOR Aluminum

This session focuses on explaining today’s aluminum industry supply chain workings (bauxite, alumina, aluminum, primary cast house products, semi-production, scrap), landscapes (China and ROW) and who are the main players (producers, traders, brokers, financiers). Designed to help you better understand the structure of the aluminum industry and the day-to-day developments in the aluminum market and industry.

Julio Moreno

2. Aluminum Smelting Economics & Latest Smelting Cost Curve Intel

Julio Moreno, Senior Raw Materials Analyst, HARBOR Aluminum

Learn what drives aluminum production costs for P1020/Ingot and VAPs (such as billet, PFA, slab and purity), the different metrics for cost and profitability (total, cash, before casting, after casting). Understand which are the most competitive smelters, and why, and which are the most vulnerable. The session is full of valuable and updated production cost industry intelligence to help you understand the economics behind producing primary aluminum and its VAPs. Designed to help you be more strategic and pro-active in your metal sourcing.

Jesús Villegas

3. Aluminum Pricing Structures and Their Determinants

Jesus Villegas, Vice President Aluminum Analysis, HARBOR Aluminum

Learn how to identify the different price structures that prevail in the aluminum market (LME, premiums, conversion costs), how to analyze the most relevant price and premiums drivers, where to find and capitalize on price arbitrage opportunities, and how to make sense of the different market data points aluminum buyers and sellers have access to.

Juan Betancourt

4. The North American Aluminum Industry & Market Challenges Ahead

Juan Betancourt, Senior Aluminum Trade Analyst, HARBOR Aluminum

This session analyzes the current structural and tactical position of the North American aluminum industry (alumina and primary aluminum) and its various midstream (P1020, billet, PFA, wire rod) and downstream markets (extrusions, sheet, plate and foil, and casting). We identify structural changes, relevant players, main trade flows, and the most strategic suppliers and challenges to watch for in coming years. Designed to provide executives with a strategic and tactical vision of the North American industry and its markets, and to better identify business opportunities and risks. The session will provide the latest detailed North American aluminum market intelligence.

Level 2 -Scrap Market, LME’s Workings & Aluminum Price Risk Management.

Tactically oriented and designed for executives with metal purchasing, selling and/or risk management responsibilities. The program will help you better understand the trading world of scrap, how the LME operates, and the best price risk management practices that the most seasoned executives follow.

Jesús Villegas

1. The Aluminum Scrap Market: What it is, How it works & Why it is Important

Jesus Villegas, Vice President Aluminum Analysis, HARBOR Aluminum

Learn what are different types and grades of aluminum scrap that are traded in North America, their melt loss, prices and how spreads influence demand, supply and prices of primary aluminum. The session will explain how to read scrap market indicators. This is a must for executives that buy or sell any type of unit of aluminum.

Gerardo Solorio

2. London Metal Exchange: How it Operates & Key Terminology

Gerardo Solorio, Senior Aluminum Analyst, HARBOR Aluminum

This session focuses on making sure you understand what you need to know about the London Metal Exchange. Get an easy-to-understand description and explanation of how the London Metal Exchange operates day to day, its relevant history and recent experience. Learn relevant LME terminology and how to read LME data.

Erik Serio

3. Aluminum Price Risk Management I & II (Physical Trading and LME)

Erik Serio, Aluminum Price Risk Management, Consultant

This session is an eye-opener even for those with experience in physical trading and hedging. This session will help you understand the bottom-line of what a producer, aluminum manufacturer and end user should be looking at and executing when negotiating price contracts in order to truly manage risk effectively.

Level 1

Date: Tuesday June 8, 2021

Duration: 13:30 – 17:00*

Cost: $875 USD

Level 2

Date: Tuesday June 8, 2021

Duration: 13:30 – 16:30*

Cost: $1,150 USD

*IMPORTANT NOTICE:  In order to sign up and attend the Executive Training Programs, you must register for the Summit. You may NOT only choose to sign up to the Executive Training. You cannot choose to attend both Executive Training Programs. Level 1 and Level 2 take place at the same time.

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