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MARKET INTELLIGENCE on aluminum products, sectors, regions & public policy.

INSIGHT on LME prices, product premiums, conversion prices and scrap market.

UNDERSTANDING new industry trends, new players & changes in the competitive landscape.

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1. Finding new strategic metal suppliers in today’s market.

2. Demand outlook for US, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

3. Autosheet and mansheet revolutions shaping the rolling mill industry and prices.

4. Metal availability per product and region.

5. Premium Outlook for P1020, Billet, Foundry, Slab, Wire Rod and Purity.

6. Market trends in cansheet, autosheet, common alloy, foil, extrusions, wires and cables.

7. China’s economic challenges, industry reform and impact on Western World.

8. Technological trends for scrap sorting, furnaces, casting, mills and extrusions.

9. Scrap availability, record spreads and its impact on casthouse investments.

10. Secondary industry pricing challenges, competitive landscape and outlook.

11. Consolidation and M&A activity in the aluminum industry.

12. Smelting, secondary, and mill production expansions and capacity at risk.

13. Profitability outlook: most attractive segments and regions to invest in.

14. Updated demand outlook for cars, construction and cans.

15. LME, product premiums, scrap spreads, and conversion price outlook.

16. Metal sourcing & risk management best practices.

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