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Payment Summary:


Payment Summary:

RENTAL TERMS & CONDITIONS: Exhibitor is responsible for any and all damages on account of lost, damaged or stolen equipment and/or loss caused by Exhibitor’s accident, misuse or neglect. Should the Equipment listed on this order form malfunction for any reason and at no fault of Exhibitor, inform HARBOR Aluminum Intelligence Unit (WALT Exhibit Organizer). Organizer, in collaboration with Productive Displays LLC (the Rental Company), will do its best to repair or replace the listed Equipment but WILL NOT be held responsible for any damages or loss caused because of the Equipment malfunctioning.

TITLE – Title to the Equipment shall at all times be vested in Productive Displays LLC, and no right, title or interest in the Equipment shall pass to Exhibitor other than the use of the Equipment for the rental period as agreed to by the parties, which right is conditioned upon Exhibitor’s compliance with the WALT Exhibit Agreement. On the expiration or earlier termination of the WALT Exhibit Agreement, Exhibitor shall return the Equipment in good condition and working order, subject only to reasonable wear and tear. All Equipment must be handled by Productive Displays LLC personnel.