Update March 3, 2021

The City of Chicago continues with its gradual reopening and has moved to Phase 4, just one phase away from total reopening (Phase 5).


Unfortunately, under Phase 4, indoor occupancy is limited to the lesser of 50 people or 40% of indoor capacity, which falls short of what is needed to accommodate the over 450 Delegates that so far have registered for the Summit.


Moreover, there is no firm date yet given by the authorities as to when they expect to move to Phase 5.


However, state officials have indicated that they are moving closer to Phase 5, while we note the following encouraging signs:


1. Vaccinations per day are increasing exponentially around the world, with the U.S. getting over 2 million vaccinations per day now and the State of Illinois expecting to get over 100,000 vaccinations per day from mid- March on.


2. According to experts, the vast majority of the U.S. population and residents of Chicago are expected to have completed their vaccination process by sometime in July.


3. Our internal surveys indicate the majority of the Summit’s delegates expect their companies and countries to lift travel restrictions by mid-summer.


The above means that on one hand, three months prior to our Summit, we have no assurances nor enough certainty  that the City of Chicago will allow our annual event to take place in early June. On the other hand, expert and authority guidance does suggest that conditions are likely to be in place for Chicago to move to Phase 5 (total reopening)  by early August.


In the best interest and safety of our delegates, and to secure a successful Summit this year, we feel that there is no better option than to reschedule HARBOR’s 13th Aluminum Summit to September 8-10, 2021. Same city, same venue.


Yes, the past 12 months have not been easy to navigate. This prolonged period has required of us commitment, imagination, patience, flexibility and hard work. However, we do believe our aluminum industry is emerging from this pandemic with more purpose and meaning, stronger, more united than ever, more efficient, and smarter.


We are truly grateful to our Delegates, Sponsors and WALT Exhibitors for your patience and unconditional support during these unprecedented times. Every conversation has been helpful and deeply appreciated. You are the main reason why we have not relented.


Every registered Summit Delegate has his/her place automatically secured for the rescheduled HARBOR Aluminum Summit in September 2021 and there is no further registration work needed. All registered paid delegates continue to be entitled to a $250 usd HARBOR credit that can be used for future Summits and/or HARBOR subscription packages.


We eagerly look forward to seeing you again in September to celebrate with you what this industry is all about and the fact that we will be together again.


Jorge Vazquez
Founder & Managing Director
HARBOR Aluminum Intelligence Unit, LLC

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