This conference has the best content, presenters, networking opportunity for the aluminum industry without equal

Kevin Ferguson, VP Procurement, Alexin LLC

HARBOR’s 9th Aluminum Outlook Summit (2016)

Experience two days of:


1. Networking with new metal suppliers, clients, brokers & industry players from all over the world.

2.  Latest intelligence on potential duties on US imports of aluminum (scrap, primary and flat rolled products).

  3. Understanding emerging aluminum industry and pricing trends, new players & trade flow changes.

  4. Insight on the outlook for LME prices, scrap prices, and for ingot, billet, slab & PFA premiums.

5. Latest intelligence and outlook on cansheet, autosheet, extrusions, foil & aerospace plate markets.

6. Executive Training Program (Level 1 & Level 2).

7. NEW Session! How to better read and use HARBOR's aluminum market reports & data.

Learn the latest on:

1.   Potential duties on US aluminum imports (primary, flat rolled products and scrap).

2.   Finding strategic metal suppliers: analysis of new players, leaders & transactional activity

3.   Metal availability challenges per region (The Americas, Asia, Europe) & premiums outlook.

4.   Market trends for cansheet, autosheet, extrusions, foil, castings, and wires & cables.

5.   China's economic slowdown, industry changes, export policy changes & impact on ROW.

6.   Mexico's booming aluminum demand, but emerging challenges given growing US trade protectionism.

7.   Obsolete scrap supply tightness vs. industrial scrap hockey stick effect.

8.   Global smelting casthouse production expansions, secondary expansions & smelters at risk.

9.   Updated demand outlook for cars, construction and cans in North America, Latam, Europe & Asia..

10.  The effect of latest US regulation on bank's aluminum trading and financing..

11.  Competition between LME, CME and SHFE and effects    on market.

12.  LME price outlook: speculative & physical fundamental scenarios.

13.  Latest metal sourcing & risk management best practices.

Who should attend:

  • Presidents/CEOs
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Traders
  • Risk Managers
  • Business Planners
  • Finance Directors
  • Fund Managers
  • Investment Strategists
  • Industry Investors
  • Industry Analysts
  • Government Agencies


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